sustainability + ethics

what we do

little wild is committed to doing our part, not just with our sustainability efforts but also giving back to mama earth and babes in need. all of our products are produced in small-batches, with local manufacturers. we only use non-toxic, low impact, natural and certified organic materials. straying away from fast fashion trends, creating styles that live well beyond the rest to be passed down from one little to the next. we know that making conscious changes now, means a brighter future for our babes. 

made with love

our manufacturers use ethical and sustainable practices to produce all of our products and meet fair trade criteria. each little wild piece is designed by a mama and made with love in sunny california.

organic fabrics

our babes skin is oh so delicate, thats why we strictly source GOTS Certified which stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard. It is globally recognized to be the highest standard meeting both environmental and social criteria. 

eco-friendly packaging

our sustainability efforts continue beyond our clothes. We use 100% compostable reusable mailers, our hang tags are printed on 100% recycled kraft paper, all marketing inserts & stickers are made of post consumer recycled paper, printed using non-toxic plant based ink. 

giving back to mama earth

One Tree Planted